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These aren't all my albums, but I think they're the best ones. Below you'll find links to purchase the albums, but some of them are also on Spotify and most other music streaming platforms. Enjoy!

I Am Me (2024)

After making Album Eleven, I didn't know if I would make another album. But as the final song from Album Eleven says, writing songs makes me happy. I Am Me consists of songs I sing to myself for comfort or to help me feel. 

I explore the darker, pessimistic side of life. I never thought I would make an album like this. How could a completely pessimistic song contribute to creating a more beautiful world? I don't know, but these are the songs I needed to write. It helped me get out of a funk, and I hope it helps you too. This album is best enjoyed on youtube.

An album of piano improvisations. I was lucky to live at the beloved Maria House in Toronto for two years, where house concerts, song circles, community potlucks and many other amazing memories were made. During the pandemic, we weren't able to gather, but I spent a lot of time getting to know the upright acoustic piano. The house has a new owner now, who renovated the whole place, but before I left I took the opportunity to record what I'd been doing on the piano for two years: improvising.

An album of heartfelt and vulnerable songs. Exploring mental health while uplifting and inspiring myself to continue growing as a person. Songs of gratitude, encouragement, love, and acceptance.

My first attempt to write songs about spirituality. Written at a time when spirituality was very new to me, after many years as a strong atheist. This album is inspired by experiences I had that fell outside the atheist worldview, mainly within the context of indigenous culture and ceremony. I found this pretty challenging, especially since I kept the production and instrumentation simple, to put more emphasis on the songwriting.

In Service (2016)

This album describes a change in worldview I had as a result of my own life experience and listening to lectures by Charles Eisenstein. If you want a detailed description of this worldview, check out Charles Eisenstein's work. Musically, I was inspired by R. Murray Schafer to use music, and sound more broadly, to tell a story without necessarily making it sound pleasing to the ear. This is meant to be listened to as if you're watching a movie. I wouldn't recommend putting it on as background music!

As We Must (2015)

This was my first album of songs with lyrics. It also marks a shift in my philosophy of music. I was very talented at guitar and knew some very complex music theory (this was right after I had graduated from Humber College with a degree in music). I used to think music had to be complex to be good. Making this album was a process of letting go of that idea.

From 2011 to 2013 I made a lot of instrumental recordings with both electronic and acoustic instruments. I released three albums during this time, but I think this is the best one. For every song except for "Backyard" I started out by recording an improvisation. Then I added more instruments to the improvisation to turn it into a full piece. It was an interesting balance between improvisation and painstakingly detailed production. The last song, "instruments" was totally improvised. I recorded myself improvising on piano, then I recorded myself improvising on top of that using other instruments.

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