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Music Mentoring

What is Music Mentoring?

I used to teach weekly music lessons to people of all ages, but it didn’t feel right. Sometimes, I felt like the student signed up only because their parents told them to. Often, I was teaching the same thing every week because the students didn’t practice.


As a teacher, it wasn’t fulfilling. So, instead of music lessons, I’m offering Music Mentoring.


What is Music Mentoring? It’s helping you find and follow your musical path. I won’t impose goals on you, or force you to do things my way, but I will support your personal aspirations wherever they lead you. That means you need to bring your aspirations, and a real desire to learn.​

How Does It Work?

The first session is free. We'll talk about your musical history, what (if any) skills you already have, and what you want to learn. At the end of the first session, if we decide to move forward, we'll have a plan for achieving your goals. Sessions can be online via Zoom, or in person at your home if you live in Kingston.

Whether it's weekly sessions, or the occasional session to keep you on track, we'll work together to help you achieve your musical goals. 

How Much Does It Cost?

After the first free session, I charge $40 for a half hour, $50 for 45 minutes, or $60 for an hour. If I'm travelling to your home, an extra travel fee may apply.

What is Musical Fluency?

The fluency I have in the language of music allows me to do things like this:

  • Learn any song just by listening to it a couple times.

  • Make up harmonies on the spot and teach them to a choir.

  • Hear beautiful music in my head, and play it on any instrument.

How can fluency help you?

If you are highly motivated and like learning at your own pace, my book has all the info you'll need to become fluent in the language of music.

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