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Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold BackFull Song
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I wrote this song to encourage myself to be who I want to be. Sometimes it's hard to be your full creative, playful, sad, mad, joyful, loud self. I'm lucky to say I've found people who support me to do this, and yet I still hold back sometimes. I find this song to be helpful for that. Have fun with this song. Improvise in the spaces. This song has the potential to turn into a loud joyous party full of dancing, cheering, and singing.

Bass Part:

Be loud, be sad, be silly, be mad, be joyful, be strong, just sing out your song.


Harmony Parts:
Don't hold back. Don't hold back. Express your full self, and don't hold back.

Learning Tracks

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Don't Hold BackBass Part
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Don't Hold BackHarmony 1
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Don't Hold BackHarmony 2
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Don't Hold BackHarmony 3
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