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Got To Be Present

Got to be PresentFull Song
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Sometimes I'm amazed at how much happens in one day. Life is like an action packed adventure movie if you pay attention. Looking closely at the smallest leaf can be captivating. So can thinking about the skill and effort that went into building the room you're in. There's an expansive inner landscape to explore if you pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It's too much to pay attention to, but it's fun to try! What a privilege it is to be alive.

Part one:
With so much fullness, what will you see? Each little moment, who will you be?

Part two:
This life is so full of light and colour, a privilege just to be witnessing.

Part three:
You got to be present for this, oh, you know.

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Got to be PresentPart one
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Got to be PresentPart two
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Got to be PresentPart three
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