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Stepping Lightly

Stepping LightlyFull Song
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The melody for this song came to me while my partner, Stephanie Drouin, and I were going for a hike with Laurence Cole and Deanna Pumplin in Olympic National Park. Laurence and Deanna are wonderful mentors to us, and we were listening carefully to their every word. They took us to one of their favourite spots on a mountain where there is a small glacial pond. The melody came while I was looking out at this pond. When we got home, I sang the melody to Steph and she started putting words to it, inspired by what she had heard Laurence and Deanna say that day. Steph ended up changing the melody a bit, and I helped with the words. The song is a tribute to the resilience and beauty of the life on that mountain. And we couldn't have written it without our dear Laurence Cole and Deanna Pumplin.

Melody and Harmony:

Sweet life dwells here, so beautifully made. Precious miracles of time.

Part two:

Step lightly on this ground. This land will remember you.

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Stepping LightlyMelody
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Stepping LightlyHarmony
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Stepping LightlyPart two
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