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When the Water is Glass Calm

When the Water is Glass Calm
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This song is a co-creation with Stephanie Drouin. While visiting a friend's cottage, we decided to wake up before sunrise to go for a paddle. Of course, the sunrise, the birdsong, and the water were all beautiful. The phrase "glass calm" is a phrase my dad would often use to describe early morning water when there was no wind. I discovered that the phrase "glass calm" wasn't as well known as I thought, and this along with the canoe ride at sunrise was enough to inspire a song. Steph helped me write it while she was cooking an amazing dinner that evening.

Part one:

When the water is glass calm, the stillness cradles life

Part two:

The sun rises slowly, peaking through the trees, bringing colour to the sky

Part three:

Listen, listen, to the small sounds of this new day

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When the Water is Glass CalmPart one
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When the Water is Glass CalmPart two
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When the Water is Glass CalmPart three
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