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Where Am I?

Where Am I?Full Song
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In June of 2018 I wrote "I Am Me" at Village Fire gathering in Iowa, and the song went "viral". All the attention felt really good, but I also found myself trying to recreate this experience by writing more community songs.


One day I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to write another "viral" song. I was frantically trying to create the next "I Am Me". I wrote two or three songs in one morning, each one less satisfying than the last, and I was getting angrier and angrier about being unable to write another amazing song. Slowly, I realized what was happening. I remembered that music is not a mere tool I can use to get attention. I realized that I don't need attention in order to feel okay. I started to meditate and connect to the present moment, and I'm grateful that I felt a wave of peace wash over me. I got the sense that something "out there" was smiling at me. I've heard that the present moment is where what some people call "God" exists. 


Then, I started playing the piano. A two-part melody came through that I liked. Giving up on writing a great song made the process more fun. I added words to the song that expressed my gratitude for being able to slow down and find the present moment. When I finished, I did not feel like I'd written the next viral hit, I felt like I had written a song that I would enjoy singing to myself, and that felt good. Months later, I added a third part and felt that I was ready to share this song.

Part one:
Where am I, where am I, where am I, where am I oh (2x)
I am here, slow down, and be, to see oh (2x)

Part two:
You are there for me always (2x)
All I have to do is slow down and be to see (2x)

Part three:
The present moment never leaves. In the present spirit sings.

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Where Am I?Part one
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Where Am I?Part two
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Where Am I?Part thee
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